February 23, 2012


Preview Odd Future’s Hilarious New TV Show

First thing’s first: Whoever gave Odd Future their own TV show should be given a raise. That, or fired. I can’t decide. Either way, in a wildly genius or possibly heinous move, the controversial Los Angeles rap crew have a new sketch comedy show called Loiter Squad that’s set to premiere on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim on March 25.

Rap Radar points us to a pair of teaser clips, one which finds the crew in the courtroom battling with hash-tags, Twitter style, and another at the dentist's office… and that dentist doesn’t have arms. Watch 'em below. How long until OF piss off someone (like, say, Tegan & Sara?) with their offensive antics? Not soon enough. Until then, watch their new NSFW music video for “Rella.”

Odd Future - Loiter Squad Sneak Peek (#Hashtag Court)

Odd Future - Loiter Squad Sneak Peek (Armless Dentist)