February 2, 2012


R. Kelly's New Discotastic Song

Randee St Nicholas
Randee St Nicholas

Okay, generally when a man of R. Kelly's reputation asks to "share my love," you're forgiven for running in the other direction. But it's okay, guys. He's just released a 1970s-styled disco jam channeling Barry White, so you should continue reading.

The "Sex Planet" and "Sex Weed" singer—titles that have absolutely nothing to do with this story, but I just loved typing it—upends his typical "C'mere girl. It's sex time" R&B for "C'mere girl. It's sex time" funk filled with ascending strings and a summertime, "A criminal? Who, me?" vibe.

"Share My Love" is the first single from Kel's upcoming Write Me Back, which doesn't have the same ring as the original title Black Panties, but we'll take it. The song will be available for download February 14, (Valentine's Day for all you guys who forget to get their girlfriends a real gift), but you can check out the track now in all its uptempo goodness.

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