February 24, 2012


Santigold: LMFAO’s Suckiness Makes Me Cry

Rob Loud
Rob Loud

Are you tired of LMFAO? Does hearing the phrase “Every day I’m shufflin’” make you want to shuffle off this mortal coil?

Never fear. Santigold feels your pain.

"I watched a music awards show last year and started crying afterwards,” the singer told Pitchfork. “I just felt really sad that people go along with stupid wack shit. I'm sorry, but LMFAO performed at the Super Bowl? Aren't they a joke band? That type of shit makes me cry. I'm like, ‘Really?’”

Preach, sister Santigold! Now I personally have nothing against LMFAO—idiotic party anthems certainly have their place—but I also bristled when I saw them at the Halftime Show. After all, Madonna is an important enough artist to do the Super Bowl on her own. 

Throwing in Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. actually made sense—they've undoubtedly learned from her example. But putting LMFAO on stage with Madonna? Insanity. I’d rather see her do in-concert Kabbalah than play with the flavor-of-the-year party band. So thanks for calling out that suckiness, Santigold.

But Santigold makes it clear she’s not against all pop music. In fact, she was the person who introduced Beyoncé to the seizure-inducing "Pon de Floor" video, a song Ms. Knowles sampled on "Run the World (Girls)."

“Beyoncé's awesome,” Santigold says. “You can see her trying to grow and push boundaries while not leaving her audience behind. She wants to learn what else is going on in music, while [people like me] all want to be huge pop stars. It's like: 'Let's switch!' Well, not really.” So it’s not like Santigold is an elitist for dissing LMFAO—she simply has her limits when it comes to tolerating songs like this. 

"I've thought about that a lot, and I could easily be like, 'Can someone write me a huge pop song so I can be like f---ing Rihanna?' she admits. "I tried writing with a big pop writer for this album, but I just can't do it. I have to write my lyrics. I'm only going to do music if I enjoy it and I'm proud of what I'm doing."