February 17, 2012


Shakira's Sea Lion Scuffle & Courtney Love's Excuse for Cat's Death

It turns out lions have been doing a lot of harm in the music world lately. Shakira was attacked by a rogue sea lion in South Africa and Courtney Love claims that a mountain lion killed the family cat, which is the cause of the most recent tift between Love and her daughter Frances Bean Cobain. Is all this lion-related convergence on the music world coincidence or conspiracy?  

Elaine tackles these hard-hitting questions that the lamestream media DOESN’T want you to hear about in this week’s Happy Fun Music Time. Or does she? 

And which Republican presidential candidate does Megadeth’s lead singer Dave Mustaine hope to see in the White House? Hint: It’s someone even crazier than he is. So that narrows it down.