February 14, 2012


Little Steven Tips Us Off To a Rocker's Secret Family Band

This week’s edition of Music Rec Roulette boasts a tantalizing secret: Which famous rock star has recorded an album with his family under the name “The Boo," but so far declined to release it? Fortunately for us, Steven Van Zandt—E Street Band guitarist, Sopranos actor and radio host—spills the beans in the video above.

"Just between me and you, no one knows this,” Van Zandt says to all of the YouTube-watching world, “It’s Billie Joe Armstrong and his family. It’s fantastic, but they won’t put it out! Don’t ask me, I don’t know why.” But fear not, Green Day fanatics! Little Steven thinks if you bombard the IdiotClub with requests, Billie Joe will eventually capitulate and release the Armstrong Family Band’s music. (Actually, a record store in Cali did have a very limited number of copies last year, which naturally went crazy-fast.) 

In other punk recommendations, Saves the Day’s lead singer Chris Conley gives props to Jawbreaker, declaring they’re, “One of the best punks bands ever.”  

And what strange Danish electro-R&B group is New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler raving about? Find that out—and plenty more—in this week’s Music Rec Roulette, above.