February 17, 2012


What Happened When Skrillex Met Doors Drummer John Densmore?

If you’re a fan of unexpected musical pairings, then you definitely have to check out the documentary Re:Generation Music Project, presented by Hyundai Veloster, in association with the GRAMMYS. Bringing disparate artists together in genres they weren't used to working in, this sublimely strange film is playing February 23 in New York before getting a limited national release. 

The Doors drummer John Densmore with Skrillex? Sure, why not? Mark Ronson producing Erykah Badu with a surprise guest rapper? Yep, that happened, too. 

Country chanteuse LeAnn Rimes was paired with indie electronic musician Pretty Lights and had this to say of the pleasant experience of working outside of her comfort zone: “It’s not just about making music, it’s about making people feel something.”

Watch the video above to see what happened when Skrillex met John Densmore and for a taste of the music these odd pairings produced.