February 21, 2012


Which Late Singer/Songwriter Does AWOLNATION's Frontman Adore?

What soothing Icelandic post-rock band is an expectant mother playing for her unborn child? Why does a history teacher love Joe Strummer? If we’re asking these type of questions, that means it’s time for another edition of Music Rec Roulette, where complete strangers—and a few famous people—tell us what to listen to. 

Aaron Bruno, lead singer of electronic rock band AWOLNATION, has been getting inspiration from an unexpected source lately: 1970s singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson. “He blows my mind and he's slightly underrated,” Bruno says.

Nilsson, Schmilsson: What hard-to-categorize band are the British punks from Gallows rocking out to? Watch the video above for that info and more random, worthwhile music recs.