February 15, 2012


You Should Go: Marilyn Manson’s Spring Tour

Jo Hale
Jo Hale

Did you know that Marilyn Manson’s last album, 2009’s heartache-and-goth-power-ballads The High End of Low, is … totally amazing? If you still associate the shock-rocker with his late-’90s hits like “The Beautiful People” or “Sweet Dreams,” then it may come as a surprise, but believe me, it’s true. And this is why I am—and you should be—excited for Manson’s just-announced spring tour. 

Even better: The makeup–lovin’ frontman is set to drop his eighth album, Born Villain, in May. 

Even better than that: Manson says it’s his heaviest material in ages, calling it his "suicide death metal" album. 

It goes on: Now that Manson is free of his Interscope contract, he can be as shocking and gross as he wishes. And he wishes to be really, really shocking and gross—just watching this new album teaser video, directed by Manson's new BFF Shia LaBeouf (they met at a concert from the Kills). 

So, clearly it’s a good time to be a Manson fan.

Did I mention that Manson is a monster live? Go see him—check out the full dates right here.