February 2, 2012


You Should Go: Real Estate’s Spring Tour

© Shawn Brackbill
© Shawn Brackbill

If you, like me, enjoy both jangly indie rock and blissful, dreamy, escapist music—like, say, Pavement and R.E.M. and My Bloody Valentine and Mazzy Star—then you’ll love New Jersey’s Real Estate, who are hitting the road this spring. You. Must. Go.

It’s been a long courtship: I first fell in love with the band’s self-titled 2009 debut, soaking up its shimmering surf guitar lines (which, despite having a suitable singer, really lead the band) and atmospheric washes. The sound was a Vicodin on a summer day. It was totally… chill. It became the perfect soundtrack to days spent with friends at Coney Island or swimming in wooded Connecticut—the kinds of days you never want to end. I relive those moments now in song. 

So I saw Real Estate live. A lot—at small clubs in Brooklyn, in-store sessions, and at side stages at festivals nationwide while working for SPIN. And over the years they’ve only gotten better. Their new album is a progression, too, refining the familiar beauty of those chiming guitars in pop songcraft and melodies that linger effortlessly. 

So, see them live this spring (see the complete tour itinerary here). Then tell all your friends about them. And, even though it’s nearly impossible to pick my favorite songs, because they’re all so good, check out four of my preferred jams below—two from Real Estate (“Beach Comber,” “Suburban Dogs”) and two from Days (“Easy,” “Out of Tune”). Oh! Also, watch the new video for “Easy” over at Funny Or Die.