February 28, 2012


You Should Go: Sleigh Bells' Mind-Shattering Tour

Patrick Odell
Patrick Odell

Sleigh Bells won over fans of noisy-but-sweet indie rock with their crushingly loud, fantastically good debut Treats in 2010. This year—armed with the menacingly-titled Reign of Terror album and a Spin cover story—they seem poised to conquer a much larger audience

Brooklyn's experimental pop twosome just added a slew of American and Canadian cities to their current tour, playing Toronto on May 26 and wrapping up in Philly on May 11.

These two put on an incredible live show that is totally worth seeing, but we feel the need to warn you: Seeing Sleigh Bells in concert might prove to be hazardous to your health. Here are three reasons why. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

1. Do you like your eardrums? Sleigh Bells don’t. They don’t like your eardrums one goddamn bit. They want to assault your internal sound system with walls of stuttering beats and brain-rattling guitar riffs. 

2. They have strange tour-fellows. Sleigh Bells are opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers on their last seven dates. Eager RHCP fans who just want to hear white funk and Cali balladry will not take kindly to sitting through pretentious indie noise—they wanna hear “Give It Away,” ASAP! (And make it like the album version, too!) Those people noticeably jamming to Sleigh Bells could be the target of projectile beer bottles.

3. You will probably get a seizure. Exhibit A. Or should I say, Exhibit "A/B Machines":

In spite of the "dangers," will you be seeing Sleigh Bells on tour when they return to North America?