February 23, 2012


You Should Know: Pond

Ben Hayes
Ben Hayes

Are you familiar with the band Tame Impala? If not, we need to rectify that ASAP. Tame Impala are a kickass psychedelic rock quartet from Perth, Australia, who play big ol’ fuzz-bomb riffs through towering Orange speakers. It’s dreamy. It’s heavy. It’s beautiful. It begs you to take drugs and hang out with a lava lamp. The members of Tame Impala are a productive bunch, too, playing in numerous side projects. One of those is called Pond—and Pond is even better than Tame Impala. 

Pond is fronted by Nick Albrook, Tame Impala’s lead guitarist, and features Tame drummer Jay Watson on guitar, too. Pond—not to be mistaken with the late-‘90s Sub Pop band of the same name—will release their new album, Beard Wives Denim, on March 6. The LP was produced by Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker, who also joins Pond live on drums. It’s a good ol’ fashion family band of sorts, which is perhaps the enviable aspect of the dudes from Pond and Tame Impala—they’re clearly having one helluva good time. Just look at their scruffy photo above—don’t you want to hang out at the beach with these dudes? I do. 

Back to Pond’s new album. The world first got a taste of Beard Wives Denim earlier this year when its first single, “Fantastic Explosion of Time,” was dropped online. It’s a charging wash of reverb-y psychedelia with a guitar hook you won’t forget anytime soon. Listen below. Just today Pond dropped a second LP track, “Mystery,” another heavy dose of trippy rock sounds. Download and listen to “Mystery” below.

Pond is kicking off a long U.S. tour on March 6 with an album release gig at Washington, DC’s Black Cat. From there the quintet will play all four corners of the U.S., from Atlanta to Seattle, Los Angeles to New York, through April. Check out the complete dates right here.