March 29, 2012


Aerosmith Explain Meaning Behind "Global Warming Tour"

Fuse caught up with Aerosmith after they announced their upcoming Global Warming Tour to find out how the swaggering rock outfit chooses their set list and to divine the meaning behind their summer tour’s strange name.

“Global Warming Tour came to mind when we started sitting around thinking what we’ve done to America for the last forty years—and the world for that matter—is lighting a fire under their ass [so people can] dance around our flames for each and every album we put out,” Steven Tyler told us. “It’s just a very sexy, hot thing. So we figured 'Global Warming,' why not?”

As for the tour’s set list, bassist Tom Hamilton says fans can expect the usual parade of hard rock hits as well as fan favorites that tend to slay the crowd when played onstage.

“We definitely have our hits which we’re extremely grateful for, but we also have... crowd favorites. ‘Lord of the Thighs,’ ‘Train Kept A-Rollin,’ some of our more obscure songs, but the people who love ’em really love ’em,” said Hamilton. “And we like to watch ’em enjoy it.”

As for the new Aerosmith record coming out in three months, Steven Tyler says it came together in no time. “We’ve done a record in four months, [which is] unheard of in Aerosmith territory,” Tyler said. “It’s gonna be stupid good.”

Does the Global Warming Tour have you all hot and bothered? You planning on seeing the Boston boys on their 2012 tour?