March 14, 2012


Azealia Banks Thinks Nicki Minaj's Style Is "Ugly"

Samir Hussein
Samir Hussein

Azealia Banks is a 20-year-old Harlem rapper who, at this early stage in her career, seems to have more beefs than songs. She's already beefed with "Gucci Gucci" rapper Kreayshawn, Australian spitter Iggy Azalea and T.I. Now she's throwing rocks at Nicki Minaj's throne in a new interview with Vibe.

Banks said, "I don't think the door was ever closed for urban female artists... There has always been a female killing it. Have we forgotten about Eve? Eve had hot records, movies, a TV show, fashion line, ad campaigns, etc. Right before Remy Ma went to jail, she was killing it, and was well on her way to the top. She had bars on bars on bars. Lil Mama also made a splash with 'Lipgloss.' Plus all the other alternative chicks like M.I.A. and [Santigold]. I don’t think Nicki necessarily opened the door for anyone else but herself.”

Banks does call Nicki "mad sexy" and speaks well of Pink Friday, but she also says, "I think she's talented enough to sustain a very fruitful career without the ugly wigs and ugly costumes."

Wow. What do you think? Should Azealia Banks stop opening her mouth if she can't not start a beef every single time she's interviewed? Is she right about Nicki Minaj? Or both?