March 14, 2012


Beady Eye Is Now an Oasis Cover Band

Stefan M. Prager
Stefan M. Prager

We might be one small step closer to an Oasis reunion: Liam Gallagher is getting a little sentimental and has decided to turn his new group Beady Eye into an Oasis cover band. Sort of. Beady Eye will now be including Oasis classics on their set-lists at upcoming gigs. So, now that dude in the back chanting "Wonderwall, Wonderwall, Wonderwall," might just get his way.

"We're doing Fuji Festival in Japan, which is in July. And we will be dropping Oasis songs for anyone who's bothered," Liam, who previously said playing Oasis tracks "wouldn't feel right," told XFM [via NME]. "The time is right now, without a doubt. We thought the [Beady Eye] album needed to stand on its own. We've done some good gigs, we've done some shit gigs. And it's time to drop them in now. I feel they're just as much my songs as they are Noel's. And if people don't like it, go to the bar or fuck off. If they do like it, jump up and down, let's have a good time." 

Noel has been playing Oasis songs in between cuts from his solo debut Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, which, honestly, is way better than anything from Beady Eye. Just sayin'. 

So. Are the Gallaghers getting all sentimental for their Oasis days? Are we one step closer to a reunion? Or are they just trying to keep their longtime fans happy? Tell us what you think in the comments below.