March 13, 2012


Billy Corgan Rails Against Poseurs at SXSW

Sean Mathis/WireImage
Sean Mathis/WireImage

During a SXSW one-on-one chat yesterday, Billy Corgan used the talk as opportunity to rag on the “poseurs” in today’s rock scene.

“[Artists have] grown up thinking that being famous is the goal,” the Smashing Pumpkins singer said. “Not to be respected, not to be dangerous… you’re just the fresh stripper.”

“Don’t call it rock and roll,” Corgan demanded. “I was part of a generation that changed the world. And it was taken over by poseurs.”

Just after that talk, Corgan offered up a startling assessment of the music industry’s dim future in a separate interview.

“I know people will roll their eyes at this but I think in the music business [today] you have to give up on the concept of making money. You’ll no longer make the kind of money you’re used to with music,” Corgan said. “Marketing is the new money in music… you’re not going to make it selling a CD, you’re gonna make it from an endorsement.” 

What do you think about Corgan’s claims? Does his take on the music industry ring true? And are today’s artists just strippers? Also, what does he mean, exactly, when he says his generation “changed the world”? Tell us what you think below.