March 21, 2012


Black Keys Apologize to Nickelback (Sort Of)

Tim Mosenfelder
Tim Mosenfelder

It's the beef of 2012 so far: Back in January, The Black Keys graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and decided to take aim at Canadian rockers Nickelback, calling them "s**t" and "crap." Diss. An Internet sh*tstorm followed and now, a mere three months later, the Ohio duo have changed their tune. Well... sort of.

Speaking to MTV News, singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney offered what is perhaps the most backhanded apology in the history of backhanded apologies: "I didn't mean to single them out," said Carney. "It just came out."

Then he added: "There are much worse bands."

You don't say. 

Carney continued, saying that he hopes he doesn't run into Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger anytime soon: "I mean, he'd probably punch us in the face, I don't want to [see or] talk to him!" 

Well. It's hardly a truce, but that'll do (I guess). But I have to wonder: Which band is worse than Nickelback? Tell us in the comment section below.