March 15, 2012


Bob Marley Doc Gets Predictable Release Date: 4/20


Are you looking for something to do on April 20, 2012? Well, do you like reggae music? What about Bob Marley? And are you sure you don't have anything to do on 4/20? Then watch the new Bob Marley documentary! 

It's called Marley and it's two hours and 24 minutes long, which is the longest documentary I can think off of the top of my head. It's coming out in theaters, on demand, and online on 4/20. A two-CD/three-LP soundtrack collection comes out on April 17 to get you warmed up.

If you buy a DVD copy of the movie (no release date yet), you also get an extra disc featuring previously-unseen concert footage of four songs, a 20-minute interview with Bunny Wailer, an interview with Stephen Marley and 20 minutes of footage of people from around the world talking about Bob Marley and his importance.

Are you excited for this movie? Watch the trailer below!