March 25, 2012


Dubstep DJ Borgore's Musical Inspiration: Metallica, Strippers

Israeli DJ-producer Borgore has a storied musical past that extends far beyond laptops and vinyl. He played drums in the Israeli death metal band Shabira, and now he's channeling his love of metal music into his own brand of dubstep, called "Gorestep." 

Fuse caught up with Borgore at Ultra Fest to chat about his eclectic musical tastes, from hip hop to pop and beyond, and how he's incorporating the sounds of Metallica into his own music. "Dubstep is very heavy. The drops are very heavy. Getting inspiration from the metal world for the drops is very useful. The drop then just become heavier. I did a mix for a Metallica tune that I really like. I just wanted to play it at a festival! So I'm excited for that today."

He also said that the live Borgore show is better than hitting the strip club: "Because I'm playing good music, and then there's two amazing pole dancers that are, like, doing something between pole dancing and Cirque du Soleil. Come to my show, get drunk and see some ladies, which is better than going to a strip club and ending the night sad." True, that.

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