March 2, 2012


Cee Lo Green & 5 Other Famed Vegas Residencies

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Cee Lo Green seems to be setting himself up for one of those half-retirements celebrities are so fond of. He’s got a cushy TV job (where he hits on younger singers), he’s writing his memoirs at the ripe old age of 37, and now he’s headed to Las Vegas for a residency. 

A Vegas residency typically signals that an artist is ready to sit back on their laurels and let the fans come to them. It's typically not the realm of those who are still tearing up the charts, but it is an exceedingly profitable way for your career to stagnate. 

For his show—which kicks off August 29 in Planet Hollywood and runs through December—Cee Lo is promising an over-the-top spectacle. No shock there, but he is giving it the curious title “Loberace.” What does it mean? A show with the flamboyance of Liberace and an all-you-can-eat lobster buffet? An effeminate tennis-themed concert?

Instead of trying to make sense of “Loberace,” let’s take a quick look at the eclectic history of Las Vegas residences.

Celine Dion
It’s a good time for Green to take over Sin City. Celine Dion—in the middle of a three year residency—recently had to take some time off to rest her vocal chords. The show won't go on, though her heart will. 

I’ve never seen a single show in Las Vegas, but I can only assume Prince’s residency in his own nightclub 3121 was the best since Elvis Presley's. 

Although Cher is not currently performing a Las Vegas residency, chances are good she’ll be back when she comes out of retirement for the seventh time. 

Mötley Crüe
The Crüe just finished a residency this February, which they described as an “interactive” fan experience, i.e., more aging groupies were allowed backstage than usual. 

Rod Stewart
Once a rock screecher, now a contented proponent of dad rock, Rod Stewart is in Vegas right now. If you want to hear the Great American Songbook performed for 80-500 dollars, he’s your man.

Would you go see Cee Lo Green's Las Vegas residency? While you mull that over, enjoy a classic clip from Elvis' 1970 Vegas residency.