March 26, 2012


Deadmau5 Rants Against Madonna

Tim Mosenfelder
Tim Mosenfelder

EDM stalwart Deadmau5 has ranted about so many things that a Google search for "deadmau5 rant" turns up more than two million results. So it's no surprise to see him ranting about Madonna, whose album MDNA comes out today, and who has recently become more involved in the EDM scene.

MDNA is, of course, a reference to the drug MDMA, the primary ingredient in ecstasy and a drug in its own right. Madonna made a reference to molly, the slang term for MDMA at last weekend's ULTRA Music Festival, prompting Deadmau5's Tumblr rant.

The thrust of it was about how dance music has come so far to not be associated with drug use, and now Madonna is hopping on the EDM bandwagon and making drug references to sell her album, but that's ultimately bad for EDM. Here's what he wrote:

"I’ve always been into electronic music, as far back as i can remember… and around the beginning, i really do remember the times the events i loved were pretty much outlawed by my city simply due to its speculated over-excessive drug use, and the media coverage that everyone loves to lap up around it. Yeah, that bummed me out… kinda made me feel like… how could something so damn interesting, artful, fun and just plain cool, be frowned upon by most….

"but look at us now, allthough [sic] not completely, and never like to be completely, the dark veil has been lifted slightly and the music and good times and technology is starting to shine through more and more than 'the latest breaking news about such and such a drug found only at these underground TECHNO RAVES - Tonight on fox!'"

Deadmau5 also rants against Madonna's advocacy of drug use:

"still, we have, and will always have personal choice. Thats how our lives are shaped… through the good or bad choices we make. we learn every day from them… but theyre ours to make, and its our responsibility to make the right ones for each of ourselves.

"Not to be pandered down to us in metaphorical pill form from BIG voices as a marketing scheme to 'fit in' with todays young and 'hip' crowd to sell a f**kin CD."

Obviously we love Madonna, but I can't help feeling like Deadmau5's position comes from a place of such love for EDM that it's easy to sympathize with him. He helped build this genre, and now he's watching it get sold off, piece by piece, by interests much bigger than himself. We admire him for taking a stand. What do YOU think?