March 30, 2012


Dev Talks Motherhood, Bud Light and Her Enrique Iglesias Duet

Dev—the voice of Far East Movement’s ubiquitous hit “Like a G6”—sat down with Fuse to talk about duetting with Enrique Iglesias and how she’s resisted changing her life to “conform” to motherhood.

“I tried to sleep and not drink too much alcohol,” Dev said about her lifestyle adjustments since giving birth to a baby girl last December. “I really am going from the baby, to being onstage, to being back with the baby. I didn’t try to conform and all of a sudden become a mother—I’m bringing the baby into my lifestyle. She’s really fucking cool and I think me and [my fiancé] Jimmy are really cool, so that’s just how it’s gonna have to be. I’ll have a fridge for baby milk and a fridge for Bud Light. And we’ll see how it goes.”

Party on, Dev! (and party on Garth.)

The 22-year-old singer also said she was surprised how down to earth her duet partner Enrique Iglesias was when they met to shoot the video for “Naked.”

“He’s really cool in real life, he’s really sweet,” Dev said. “That was kinda refreshing because he’s an O.G. in the game—he’s very successful, he has private jets and you don’t expect that from someone who does things like that.”

“The [‘Naked’] video just came out, and the concept is ‘missed opportunity.’ I’m doing my own thing in life and he’s doing his own thing, and we keep missing each other, and then we come together at the end,” she said. Surprise! It's a happy ending. 

To hear Dev talk about how "baby formula smells like sh*t more than sh*t smells like sh*t" and to find out which tattoos she regrets, watch the video below.