March 7, 2012


Meet Doe Paoro: Where Tibetan Folk Opera Meets R&B

Doe Paoro is deadly serious about her music. After all, how many singers head to the Himalayas to study Tibetan folk opera from a “master”?

“For me as a singer it really unlocked within me—I finally feel my body as an instrument,” says Paoro of Llamo, the name for Tibetan folk opera. “You feel the wind moving through your entire body and beyond.”

Whether musical navel-gazing tickles your fancy or not, there’s no denying the elemental power of the Brooklyn songstress’ debut LP. Slow To Love is a stunning collection of songs that brings to mind Erykah Badu’s worldly R&B as much as it does the mountains of Tibet.

“We’ve gotten a lot of comments of our music harkening back to this early ‘90s R&B feel, which was not my intention but it’s certainly a part of me,” Paoro told us in her interview with Fuse, which you can watch above.

Paoro’s explanation for her accidental R&B influence was very Zen-like: “The same themes come up over and over again so it makes sense that we would just find new ways to articulate them in a way that’s meaningful to our culture as it stands now.” Keep that line in mind kids for your college admissions essay. And check her out at SXSW!

Doe Paoro - "Born Whole" 

Doe Paoro - "I'll Go Blind"

Doe Paoro - "Can't Leave You"