March 9, 2012


Evil Dee Recalls the Night Biggie Got Booed Off Stage

We caught up with legendary hip hop DJ Evil Dee for an upcoming edition of Cratediggers, but we also knew the friend of Biggie Smalls had to have at least one story in honor of the 15th anniversary of the rapper's death.

 "We did our first show in 1992 and there were these two guys that performed right before we got on and I remember it because the crowd booed them," said Dee. "I turned around and told the dudes, 'Yo, man. Forget all that.' Years later, we're opening up for the [Biggie Smalls/Craig Mack co-headlining] B.I.G. Mack tour. Biggie comes out of the room...and goes, 'Yo, E, I gotta talk to you about something. Remember that show where they booed those two dudes? I was one of those dudes."

Check out the full clip above.