March 20, 2012


Flaming Lips Tap Coldplay, Bon Iver, Ke$ha for New LP

J. Michelle Martin Coyne
J. Michelle Martin Coyne

Record Store Day is like a combination of Christmas and Fourth of July for music geeks, and it looks like this April 21 will give Flaming Lips fans the musical equivalent of a Red Ryder BB Gun and a box of M80s.

The Lips will release two multi-colored, limited-edition discs titled The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends, which includes pretty much the strangest collection of disparate talent since the last Snickers Super Bowl commercial.

Wayne Coyne and Co. have already teamed up with Neon Indian, Prefuse 73, Lightning Bolt and Yoko Ono on recent collaborative EPs, so those tracks will be familiar to a few people already. 

But the majority of these songs are new studio recordings featuring Bon Iver, Erykah Badu, Chris Martin of Coldplay and, for God knows what reason, Ke$ha. The electro-sleaze party girl teams up with Biz Markie for her addition to the album, which somehow almost makes sense in a Bizarro World sort of way.

The only letdown about this otherwise incredible news is that the Lips didn’t make Chris Martin sing the song entitled “Helping the Retarded to Know God.” But Gwyneth probably wouldn’t have approved.

We usually wouldn't bother giving you a full track list but since so few song titles these days involve dropping acid at NASA and lunar-induced urination, we felt it was required WTF reading. 

Here's the full track list. Special shout-out to "You, Man? Human?"

Side 1:

"2012" (featuring Ke$ha and Biz Markie)
"Ashes In The Air" (featuring Bon Iver)
"Helping The Retarded To Know God" (featuring Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros)

Side 2:

"Supermoon Made Me Want To Pee" (featuring Prefuse 73)
"Children Of The Moon" (featuring Tame Impala)
"That Ain't My Trip" (featuring Jim James of My Morning Jacket)
"You, Man? Human?"  (featuring Nick Cave)

Side 3:

"I'm Working At NASA On Acid" (featuring Lightning Bolt)
"Do It!" (featuring Yoko Ono)
"Is David Bowie Dying?" (featuring Neon Indian)

Side 4:

"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (featuring Erykah Badu)
"Thunder Drops" (featuring New Fumes)
"I Don't Want You To Die" (featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay)