March 7, 2012


Free Music: Free Energy, Wiz Khalifa & Lykke Li

Cass Bird
Cass Bird

Free Energy: “Electric Fever”
The cowbell of Blue Öyster Cult, the riffs of Thin Lizzy, the white funk of Queen and the background harmonizing of Weezer. This is all just a way of saying... AWESOME.

Wiz Khalifa ft. Fashawn: “Mt. Money”
This song is about having a s--tload of money and spending it on staples like champagne, stylists, chains and other 1% amenities. I’m kinda glad it won’t be on his upcoming mixtape. [XXL]

Deportees ft. Lykke Li: “A New Name To Go By”
Lykke tweeted this collaborative effort with Deportees, a band so Swedish they don’t even have an English website. They do, however, have steel drum aplenty on this lovely track.

Bear In Heaven: “Sinful Nature”
There’s Grizzly Bear, Minus the Bear and Bear Hands. These Bears are "In Heaven," and since they come from Brooklyn, that means an atmospheric world of OMD-styled synths. [Pitchfork]

Spectrals: “Friend Zone”
Louis Jones’ new song is about that nebulous purgatory between friendship and dating. Hey! This lo-fi guy should go on that MTV reality show about this exact topic, which is conveniently called Friendzone. [Stereogum]

King Tuff: “Bad Thing”
The Happy Birthday frontman has an excellent solo steez going on, sort of like the Exploding Hearts if they aped American garage rock instead of British punks. [Stereogum]

Pond: “Pond In a Park”
This washed out, psychedelic b-side from the Australian outfit has a surprisingly nimble bass line and enough reverb to give the Smiths’ “How Soon Is Now?” a run for its money.