March 30, 2012


Free Music: John Maus, Maximo Park, Xiu Xiu & More

Jennifer Juniper Stratford
Jennifer Juniper Stratford

John Maus: "No Title (Molly)"
Maus is a composer from Austin, MN—the birthplace of Spam!—who alternates between working on contemporary avant garde pieces and pleasantly strange New Wave-y throwbacks. This song is the latter, and someone should probably let Madonna know that this guy finally found Molly. [Pitchfork]

Xiu Xiu: “Always”
Jamie Stewart’s Xiu Xiu has melded post-punk’s vast soundscapes with hints of dance music for some time now, so it’s not a huge shock that they’re covering the excessively earnest synth-pop duo Erasure for their Record Store Day release. This is one of those rare covers that pays tribute without retracing the original.

Maximo Park: "The National Health"
Often grouped with fellow British bands Razorlight and the Futureheads when they debuted in 2005, Maximo Park fall somewhere in between the former’s blatant bid for mass appeal and the latter’s artier abstractions. Although “The National Health” is very British in its snarling, ironic delivery, the blazing guitar solo is a straightforward delight.

Buddy ft. Kendrick Lamar: “Staircases”
The Neptunes produce this song about everything that gets Compton rapper Buddy high—escalators, staircases, ladders and elevators. And maybe something else. Best line: “This rap is just a metaphor that I deserve a medal for.” Sure, why not? [The Fader]

Bi: “Tuf Jak”
“Boingy” isn’t an adjective typically assigned to guitar riffs, but that’s pretty much what this collaboration between Black Dice’s Eric Copeland and All Night Radio’s Jimi Hey sounds like. Click play below and be ready to bounce.