March 2, 2012


Free Music: Lauryn Hill Debuts New Tune & More

Nigel Waldron/Wireimage
Nigel Waldron/Wireimage

Lauryn Hill: “Fearless Vampire Killer” 
Lauryn Hill is supposed to release an album this year according to the all-knowing Wikipedia, but since that would be her first real album since her solo debut 14 years ago you’ll forgive me for remaining cautiously optimistic. That being said, if this new song (which she recently played onstage in D.C.) is any indication, she’s still pushing her music into unusual territory without losing that knack for craftsmanship. Also, it’s pretty cool she borrowed the title from Roman Polanski's 1967 horror-comedy.

The Dandy Warhols: “Well They’re Gone”
Eschewing power pop fun on their down-tempo new track, the Dandys sound like they’ve been walking the empty streets of Paris all night after an unexpected breakup. [RollingStone]

J. Cole: “Vizions of Home”
While an '80s cheese-metal guitar wails in the background, J. Cole pays tribute to his North Carolina hometown with some especially impassioned verses. [Prefix]

Dope Body: “Lazy Slave”
Less confrontational than their usual cataclysmic noise-rock, the Baltimore punks will probably batter this tune to pieces at SXSW. Which I would highly recommend checking out. [Stereogum]

Big Baby Ghandi ft. Das Racist: “Blue Magic”
Big Baby Ghandi has a half-shouted type of flow that distracts from the fact that he's actually a pretty great rapper. He even produces his own tracks, which in this case involves a wonky Bollywood sample. [Stereogum]

Sinkane: “Runnin’”
Over a funky as f--- guitar riff that would sound perfectly at home in the world of Superfly, Yeasayer’s multi-instrumentalist Ahmed Gallab shows off his impressive falsetto and general awesomeness. [Stereogum]

Gucci Mane ft. Berner & Tha Greatest: “I’m So Gucci”
Gucci Mane asserts that he’s “so Gucci.” And that’s a claim you really can’t argue with. [TheFader]