March 22, 2012


Game and Kendrick Lamar Roam Los Angeles For "The City" Video

Game recently announced the title of his next album, F.I.V.E.: Fear Is Victory’s Evolution, but he's still riding the success of last year's The R.E.D. Album with a new video for "The City" featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Directed by veteran hip hop video director Matt Alonzo, "The City" features Game and Lamar roaming the streets of Los Angeles, rhyming on top of buildings and beefing with rivals. If you're not a hip hop fan, Lamar is the one without the giant L.A. and star tattoo on his face.

Game breaks down his career in the song, rhyming, "I gave you The Documentary/S**t was a classic/Gave you Doctor's Advocate/You ripped it out the package/Came with LAX/Since critics said it was average/I was stressed the f**k out/Torn between Aftermath and Geffen/Interscope/Now I got you in a scope." Self-awareness is the new swag.

VH1 also has the first nine minutes of Game's Behind the Music special, set to premiere tonight. The preview talks about the rapper's rough Compton upbringing and shows him proposing to his longtime girlfriend in an elementary school classroom. Say it with me now: Awww.