March 21, 2012


Hear Beck's New Song for Jason Segel Movie

Beck has been laying low lately, living the quiet family life in Los Angeles and occasionally bro-ing down in his studio with Thurston Moore to cover Yanni as part of his Record Club. But—thanks to all higher powers—the alt-folk singer-songwriter has returned with a new song for the soundtrack to Jeff, Who Lives at Home, a new indie comedy starring Jason Segel. Listen below.

And there's even more good news: The track, "Looking for a Sign," sounds like a B-side from my favorite Beck album, 2002's Sea Change. It's all melancholy country twang with blaring harmonica, intertwining acoustic and slide guitars and Beck's heartbroken vocals set to maximum reverb. 

Like it? Love it? (I do). Tell me what you think in the comments below.