March 7, 2012


Hooray! New Beach House Song Arrives!

Elizabeth Flyntz
Elizabeth Flyntz

Today's the day that I've been eagerly awaiting for more than two years: Today Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House released a new song from their upcoming follow-up to 2010's Teen Dream, and it's really, really good. Yay for today. Listen to "Myth" below.

The song follows unconfirmed reports about the band's next album; Pitchfork reported that Bloom was set to drop on May 15 via Sub Pop. A label spokesperson has yet to confirm the news, but the rumored tracklist did feature an album-opening tune called "Myth." And, lo and behold, today it popped up on Beach House's official website.

Now for "Myth" itself. Thankfully, it's a redux of the hazy and emotive yet chilling pop of Teen Dream, but perhaps bigger and more confident. There's also evidence of the band's comments to NME, explaining that Bloom is lyrically darker and was inspired by The Cure's Disintegration and The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds

One thing's for sure: It's pretty. First, Alex Scally's tin-reverb guitar patterns float around piano, martial drums and low-rumbling bass. Then Victoria Legrand enters with a breathy and bewitching whisper, synths rise Enya- or Cocteau Twins-style, and we're at the chorus: "Follow yourself in a new direction / From the sun / Know you're not the only one." The return trip to the chorus is downright tantalizing as Legrand pushes her voice skyward to meet Scally's sparkling guitar: "Let the ashes fly / How big can they be?" Pretty darn big, apparently.

Listen to Beach House's "Myth" below, and do it right now. Right. Now. I'm waiting. So, what do you think? Tell us below.