March 1, 2012


Hot Chip Return: Hear 5 Songs to Get Psyched

Steve Gullick
Steve Gullick

Good news for dance floors the world over: London’s Hot Chip, purveyors of nerdtastic, genre-melding electronic pop music, will return on June 12 with their fifth studio album In Our Heads. Do I smell a contender for album and/or song of the summer? Only time will tell.

The new album—recorded and self-produced in London—is the first Hot Chip release on Domino Records, the band’s new label after leaving their longtime home DFA/Astralwerks. 

Not a crazy Hot Chip fan? Well, neither was I until last year, when I spent some quality time with their 2008 album Made in the Dark. It’s my personal favorite, especially the lilting, jazzy title track and the ridiculously infectious “Ready for the Floor.” This led me back to their breakout effort, 2006’s The Warning, and finally their latest release, 2010’s One Life Stand. All solid. Also, it should be noted that singer Alexis Taylor generally looks awesome.

Here are the five tracks I’ve been jamming so far today in anticipation of their upcoming album. I hope it returns to the style of Made in the Dark, which seems to chronicle dance ecstasy and the morning after hangover in song.

Excited yet? Listen below and then tell us in the comment section.

Hot Chip, "Ready for the Floor"

Hot Chip, "Over and Over"

Hot Chip, "One Pure Thought"

Hot Chip, "Made in the Dark"

Hot Chip, "Slush"