March 18, 2012


How Blink-182 Pranked Asher Roth

Fuse spoke with rapper Asher Roth at SXSW and heard all about the epic prank Blink-182 pulled on him during a live performance a couple years back.

"We got done pretty good by Blink-182, we were on tour with them for their reunion tour. They hit us with a big drape up front so they left that up for 8 minutes real time." So for that time, Roth had to stop his set and make small talk with the crowd from behind a curtain.

"It was really awkward we didn’t know what to do. And then they dropped the drape and they bring male strippers out on stage during our set. So those guys are good, man, they're funny."

In spite of that harrowing experience, the "I Love College" MC still loves live music. To hear Roth explain why "festival life is the life," check out the video above.