March 7, 2012


Ice Cube Explains Exactly Why Dr. Dre's Detox Hasn't Come Out

On Sirius XM's Shade 45 channel, Ice Cube sat down with legendary hip hop radio DJ Sway and incidentally gave him the truth about why Dr. Dre still hasn't yet released Detox, the album he's been planning to put out since like before I was born.

Ice Cube starts the interview by answering some verbal fan mail from "a 40-year-old white guy... That's how he wanted to be identified," and the dude shows Ice Cube some love that borders on creepy. You can skip all that and go right to 3:23 when Sway says, "[I want to talk about] Dr. Dre, Detox. Nobody knows Dre quite like you do. Why do you think it is that he hasn't dropped his album?"

Ice Cube doesn't even hesitate. "Honestly? Man, them headphones is sellin', sellin', sellin'. Now, what would you rather sell somebody: some $300 headphones or a $10 tape?" Sway's co-host goes, "And there you have it!" And then the interview ends.

What do you think? Should Dre just put the damn album out already? Or do you love your Beats by Dre headphones so much that you don't care if he does?