March 8, 2012


Why Are Your Favorite Musicians Tweeting About Joseph Kony?

Monica Mcklinski/FilmMagic/Getty Images
Monica Mcklinski/FilmMagic/Getty Images

This time yesterday, Joseph Kony, a ruthlessly violent Ugandan warlord who turned thousands of children into soldiers and is seeking to establish a theocracy based on the Ten Commandments, was relatively unknown. Now, thanks to a social media campaign involving just about every famous person on earth, Joseph Kony is infamous. The group behind the campaign is advocating for the capture and trial of Joseph Kony, who is currently walking free despite being among the world's most wanted war criminals. If you wanna know what this whole thing is about, check out the video below that everyone is tweeting about followed by a list of our favorite musicians' tweets. My personal favorite tweet, Cee Lo's "WERE GONNA KILL YOU KONY," was unfortunately deleted.

RT @KidsOfUganda: Watch and Share! Please do your part and help spread the word about this injustice. #STOPKONY
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You must all see this!!!! NOW if u dont know what #StopKONY2012 is about watch this (cont) rt to da world!
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normally im all jokes n spaghetti like the next guy on twitter. but THIS is NO joke: #StopKony #MakeKonyFamous WATCH!
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Before I pass out on this plane #kony2012 support invisible children. Its only 30 minutes of ur time to watch the video. Good night
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The 411 on Joseph Kony >> PLS RT #StopKony
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#stopkony is already trending! Something we all can do. Watch this vid! And RT “@nicolerichie: MAKE KONY FAMOUS 2012
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KONY! Opinions aside - Regardless of your opinion about the organization itself, Kony is still a very real...
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Lady A'ers please take a moment watch this video from @Invisible Children. RT & share. #StopKony
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