March 6, 2012


UPDATE: Kanye West's Shoes Wildly Uncomfortable

Dominique Charriau
Dominique Charriau

UPDATE: Apparently the models for those shoes above wouldn't call them "leisurewear." According to Vibe, Jourdan Dunn tweeted, "Don't get me wrong the shoes are sexy as f**k but you can't walk in them!," while Leomie Anderson replied, "omg the model who fit for his clothes said the shoes were so bad and he was cussin her." 

When Kanye West debuted his first clothing line in Paris last year, the New York Times' headline echoed the feelings of much of the fashion world: "Kanye West, Designer (Yawn)." "His show was described by those who attended as, at best, a disappointment," said the Paper of Record.

But you think a little thing like industry-wide shoulder-shrugging is going to prevent the rapper and former Gap intern (No. Really.) from conquering the fashion world? According to Women's Wear Daily, Yeezy is set to present clothes from his new fashion house next week in Paris, while Rolling Stone reports that fancypants (industry term) designer Colette will be stocking West's sock/shoe hybrid. Described as "a unique, pearl-encrusted hybrid of wooly crocheted socks and high-caliber stripper shoes," you can have the below pair (as tweeted by Colette) for a reasonable $5,883.

For those fair-weather Kanye fans that won't pony up 6K on a pair of shoes, Colette is offering up another pair designed by West for only $938. Nice to see the company throwing out a deal for budget-conscious consumers.

So what do you think? Are those shoes worth $6,000? (Ed. Note: No. They are not. There is no other answer.) Discuss in the comments below.