March 21, 2012


Kids Explain Why One Direction Is Better Than Justin Bieber

In case you aren’t an Irish or British tween, you may not know that One Direction is a five-member boy band hailing from those parts that seems poised to replicate their unstoppable success on our side of the Atlantic.

With their innocuous, memorable song “What Makes You Beautiful” leading the charge, these U.K. X Factor vets have become the first British band whose debut album went to No. 1 the first week.

So why are they so popular? Not being 8-12 years old ourselves, we played One Direction for their target audience to observe what effect the boy band has on the impressionable minds of young Americans. Here’s what Fuse’s Elaine Moran found out:

--"They have like an accent, which I really like," says child.

--"One Direction is hot, Bieber is not" sasses another.

But perhaps most importantly, watch our young volunteers dance to One Direction's music. 

Watch the video above to learn definitively why kids love this whole One Direction thing. Prepare for some warm fuzzies.