March 19, 2012


Lana Del Rey Vs. Gator In New "Blue Jeans" Video

Contentious indie torch singer Lana Del Rey must have decided that her found-footage clip for “Blue Jeans”—one of the two songs anyone likes from her—wasn’t good enough, because she just debuted a professionally done clip for the tune. 

The black and white film noir-ish video finds Lana in a 1950s-styled swimsuit pouting around a Sunset Boulevard pool, making eyes at a tattooed dude and sucking his fingers erotically. (Presumably, they’re covered in BBQ sauce.)

And just for good measure, an alligator shows up to kill her. At least, I think it killed her while she was playing tonsil hockey with the guy, but since there was no blood in the pool, I suppose we can't rule out natural causes. 

Or maybe the pool is a metaphor for Saturday Night Live and the alligator is a stand-in for the vicious music media. Yep, that’s gotta be it.

What do you think of LDR’s new music video? Do you prefer the handmade feel of the original below or are you digging Lana in HD?