March 22, 2012


Listen: Eminem's Deranged Verse on Obie Trice's New Track

Eminem has been trying to help Obie Trice breakthrough as long as Mean Girls' Gretchen been trying to make fetch happen. Now, 10 years after their first collaboration on Trice’s debut single "Rap Name," it seems like the Detroit rapper might finally get a Top 40 single his own.

“Richard” is already a great track—with its ascending-descending synths and a crisp funk riff—but Eminem’s manic verse takes it to that unhinged sweet spot. He asks a girl to treat his wang like “a musical instrument” after threatening to “snap like a pool stick.” You gotta wonder what his daughter Hailie thinks about verses like these....

Listen to it above and tell us what you think about the latest track from the longtime collaborators.