March 12, 2012


MC Chris Has Some Things to Tell You, Nerds

Why do nerdcore rappers have to rap fast? Why is MC Chris' new album going to be called Album 8? The rapper stopped by the Fuse office and explained some things, including answers to those questions as well as his brand new, previously unannounced project! "I have another EP which is like a four-song CD that I'm gonna put out. It's all gonna be about characters from Gotham. I'm gonna release two of them, hopefully, before Batman comes out. One is just songs about the good guys and one's just songs about the bad guys... I'm working on a song about Robin right now, Commissioner Gordon, Batgirl, and then a fourth mysterious character I haven't picked yet." Sounds like a lot of fun!

Respect to all you MC Chris nerds. Check out the video above.

We also got MC Chris to talk about Kevin Smith, working with Adult Swim, and how his career began. "My mom started bringing me [to] bridge club and I'd be like the bridge club entertainment. [I'd] throw on my Ronald Reagan mask and start rapping and I think that was the beginning of my career."  He's a funny-ass dude. Check out the video below.