March 7, 2012


Meat Loaf Rates Adam Lambert Alongside Whitney and Aretha

Bradley Kanaris
Bradley Kanaris

The 64-year-old rock legend (whose real name is Marvin Lee Aday, not Robert Paulson) recently gave an incredible interview to Spinner. Meat Loaf talked about retaliating to being bullied as a child, knowing Whitney Houston and why Adam Lambert is one of the all-time vocal greats.

Here are five can't-miss excerpts:

Placing Adam Lambert Alongside Whitney and Aretha
“I think there are three singers that I have heard that I think have that thing, that jet pack quality to their voice that just lets it take off... Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Adam Lambert. Top three! I am not kidding. That kid is something else. He's real.”

Being Bullied Over His Weight as a Child
“Kids made fun of me because of my weight. I was teased and bullied all over the place. True, there were times I beat the hell out of kids that did that, but still.”

On Meeting A Young Whitney Houston In 1984
“I just went up to introduce myself not anticipating that anyone would know me. That's how I am, I never expect anyone to know me. But she knew, she flipped out a little and we ended up talking for 45 minutes that first night.”

He Turned Down An Idol Judging Job
“They asked me about it [for] the second season. I turned them down.... But truthfully, I think The Voice is a better show. Man, I would love to be a mentor on that show.”

What the World Needs Now...
“So many people are either extreme left or right, there's all this extremist saber rattling, the anonymous attacking on the Internet, it's just everywhere. This record [called Hell In a Handbasket] addresses that. It's time we just stopped, as a people, attacking things we simply disagree with.”

What do you think of Meat Loaf’s claim that Lambert ranks up there with Whitney and Aretha? Are you surprised by his insightful thoughts on life, or have you always known there's more to Meat than meets the eye?

P.S. I would love to hear Loaf and Lambert duet on “Paradise By the Dashboard Light." Yes, I know what I'm asking for.