March 9, 2012


Find Out Why You'll Like Miguel In 60 Seconds

We spoke with the insanely creative R&B singer Miguel recently and asked him to sell himself in 60 seconds. 

Instead of trying to sell the world on his music, Miguel detailed what kind of person would and should check out his eclectic R&B jams.

So if…

--“You are a rebel without a cause or a loner sometimes”

--“You're awkward but confident”

--“You wanna hear music that means something and isn’t just bullshit”

... then you should be listening to Miguel’s music. 

Also, he tells us, “I say everything men want to say to women and everything women want to hear from men.” So if that sounds helpful, put Miguel on in the bedroom.

We also spoke with the 25-year-old singer about the music video for “Adorn.” Incredibly, he not only co-directed the video, but he also painted the artwork featured in the clip and on the cover of his free EP Art Dealer Chic Vol. 1.

“Art is important because it allows us to be vulnerable and to realize how similar we are," Miguel says about painting. Not the kind of sentiment you typically hear from R&B stars. 

Miguel on Art Dealer Chic Vol.1: