March 24, 2012


Miike Snow Talk "Snowifying" Music At Ultra Fest

We caught up with Swedish electro-pop exports Miike Snow on the first day of Ultra Music Fest and found out how the three of them—two of whom co-wrote Britney Spears' "Toxic"—approach writing songs differently for their band.

"It's kinda abstract, but we all instinctively know if what we're doing is Snow-ish or if something needs to be Snow-ified," Pontus Winnberg told Fuse. "We know exactly what we're talking about.... It's not an intellectual thing, it's just instinct."

"The time between our first album and this album enabled us to see what we did that felt uniquely Snow-ish and we pursued that," lead singer Andrew Wyatt concurred.

Speaking of the weather in Miami, they offered a very Scandinavian assessment: "It's not too hot, so that's great." They also shared how honored they felt to be on the same bill as some of electronic music's most influential pioneers.

"We're playing with a couple of our favorite bands actually, hand down" Wyatt said. "New Order and Kraftwerk? Can't get any better than that," Christian Karlsson agreed. "Yeah, sandwiched between two legends," Wyatt mused. Hey, those guys should check out our interview with New Order! New bassist Tom Chapman told us he's excited to see Miike Snow play. It's Ultra Love Fest!

To see the full interview—where they talk working with Lykke Li on their Ingrid record label and explain the car-sized synthesizer they bring onstage—watch the video above.