March 18, 2012


Music Picks From SXSW Performers

For this week's Music Rec Roulette, we asked a bunch of 2012 SXSW artists to tell us what we should be listening to.

Here's the eclectic list of music recs we received:

--Chicago's hip hop-rock-soul-jazz collective Kids These Days recommended Chance the Rapper, the SF Jazz Collective and Robert Glasper's Black Radio, an album they claim "will definitely change your opinion of music."

--British soul singer Michael Kiwanuka sang the praises of Gary Clark Jr.: "He's all the stuff I like about music, really." We took some time to rave about the blues rocker at SXSW, too. We also spoke with the Austin native about playing for Obama at the White House.

--Waters' Van Pierszalowski really, really thinks Sean Bones is awesome. And from the sound of this vaguely reggae-inflected indie rocker, he certainly has a point. 

--Soul singer/songwriter Allen Stone has been "spinning tough" the records of a country-folker named Thad Cockrell.

Check out the video above for more details.