March 10, 2012


Bob Dylan Channels Mexican Music on New Album

Christopher Polk
Christopher Polk

When speaking to a local Colorado newspaper about his famed Chicano rock band Los Lobos, David Hidalgo revealed that Bob Dylan is working on a new studio album.

The Los Lobos multi-instrumentalist—who played accordion on Dylan's last two albums, Christmas In the Heart and Together Through Life—recently joined the 70-year-old legend to record new material at an L.A. studio owned by Jackson Browne.

In addition to the guitar and accordion, Hidalgo also plays the requinto jarocho, a Mexican mini-guitar, in Los Lobos. He says he was messing around with some obscure Mexican instruments during the sessions and Bobby D decided to include them on a whim.

“He'd say, ‘Wow, what's that?'” Hidalgo shared. “He liked the sound, so we'd get it in there.”

Along those lines, Hidalgo told the Aspen Times not to expect Dylan's new record to be like the last couple. "Each one has been different, all completely different approaches. It's an amazing thing, how he keeps [his] creativity. I don't see how he does it.”

This probably means the new Dylan album won't include any more Christmas songs. That's a major disappointment for those of us hoping for a continuation of this insanity: