March 10, 2012


Young Jeezy and Ne-Yo Tell Thug Love Story In New Video

Young Jeezy and Ne-Yo's song "Leave You Alone" now has an expansive seven-minute video to match the dead-serious tone of the single. Check out the clip—complete with Virgin Mary candles and pinky swears—above.

The video is more of a short film than your typical music video, telling the ill-fated tale of the burgeoning romance between a hustler (played by Mr. Jeezy) and a gorgeous young girl.

The problem? Although her bodacious body is saying "let's go" to the South Carolina MC, her religious parents are definitely saying "no." And her brothers—who are 9/10ths tattoo ink—don't really like him either.

Some might be disappointed by the absence of a big payoff at the end, but I think Jeezy should get big props for not forcing a pat, melodramatic conclusion.

What do you think about the video for the Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition track? Is this song gonna become a hit for Jeezy and Ne-Yo?