March 20, 2012


Noel Gallagher Spars With PETA

L to R: Neil Mockford/FilmMagic, FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images
L to R: Neil Mockford/FilmMagic, FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images

It's been a few days since Noel Gallagher has pissed off someone, so we were overdue for this one. This time, it's PETA, the animal rights group who took offense at Gallagher's plans to "throw stuff at cows" during his trip to Ireland with his sons.

Maybe it's a cultural thing. In America, most fathers throw footballs to bond with their sons. For Gallagher, the lack of cows in Manchester means free rein to lob whatever at his bovine adversaries. He told The Sun (via NME): "At my grandma's in Mayo we'd run around throwing stuff at cows. See, we don't get cows in Manchester, so if you see one you just throw stuff at them. I'm looking forward to bringing my sons over so they can throw stuff at cows as well." He then proceeded to sip bourbon from his Father of the Year cup while his children smoked and watched The Human Centipede.

A spokesman for PETA rebutted: "A father whose idea of a family vacation includes traumatizing animals who are minding their own business should undergo empathy counselling."

So remember the Gallagher Rule, aspiring dads. If something doesn't exist in your city, you have permission to throw what you want at it when on vacation. The more you know.