March 1, 2012


On the Set of K'naan and Nelly Furtado's Music Video

Rising world music superstar K’naan—who you probably know as the voice behind the World Cup 2010 song “Wavin’ Flag”—recently collaborated with Nelly Furtado on the heart-wrenching duet “Is Anybody Out There?” We went behind the scenes of their music video shoot and talked to the honey-voiced singers about their collaboration.

“K’naan is the narrator and I’m like the voice of the characters he’s talking about,” Furtado says of the song that touches on loneliness, escape and addiction. “It’s the voice of everybody when they’re feeling alone or desperate.” In spite of that, she says “Is Anybody Out There?” remains “a hopeful, sweet and pure song.” 

You can see Furtado’s admiration for K’naan in the video above. K’naan, for his part, returns her raves: “If anybody else had done this song it wouldn’t have been the same.”

You can watched the finished video here: