March 8, 2012


Passion Pit Is Lovin' the Major Label Thing

Jay West/WireImage
Jay West/WireImage

Boston’s indie outfit Passion Pit debuted a few years back with immaculately constructed synth-pop songs that took the genre to new, undeniably buoyant heights. See "The Reeling" for proof. 

With their still-untitled second LP on the horizon, singer Michael Angelakos spoke with Pitchfork about self-abhorrence, Cole Porter vs. Dr. Luke and why major labels are actually a great thing. 

Here's 8 strange things we learned from him:

-Angelakos is a riddled with “self-loathing.” A lot of the new songs talk about drinking and pills, and he admits that he willingly “vilified” himself on this record. “I have a lot of issues,” he said.

-He admits that Britney/Katy/Ke$ha songwriter Dr. Luke “has a formula, but it's a terrible one and it's not going to last. Cole Porter’s songs will last forever.”

-He’s a self-described “gear slut.” Let’s hope he uses protection. 

-Passion Pit employs an instrument called the “Kaleidoloop,” a vocal modulator that allows him to play around with the pitch and timbre of his voice. Kool. 

-“I really f--king hate dishonesty, which a lot of indie music is especially prone to.”

-He’s been working on a piano owned by Philip Glass.

-The new album will hopefully come out before June 23, when they perform at the Governors Ball. 

-Major labels are “banks with hearts and taste.” He admits that “perhaps things are a bit more bureaucratic, but I like it. It works.”

What do you think? Are you enjoying your major label contract these days? And are you excited for the new Passion Pit album?