March 30, 2012


Rihanna Is Starting Work on Her Next Album

Alex Moss
Alex Moss

Rihanna's starting work on her next album! Even though her last album came out only four months ago, the pop princess churns out about an album a year, so this is right on schedule.

She actually records her albums in hotel rooms with a mobile studio while on near-constant world tours, and the songs are written by a team of about 40 professional songwriters at a two-week-long songwriting camp, so prepping an album means something different for her than it does for smaller artists.

Rihanna said to Capital FM, "I'm definitely thinking about the next record. I'm a multi-tasker. Right now we're working on collecting and creating the sound first before we even start working on the lyrical direction or melodies. I kind of have an idea though, and it's very rough right now. So I'm eager to start that."

Is Rihanna aware that everyone knows that she has very little to do with her own album? Either way, she hedges pretty well in that statement.

We're looking forward to hearing the album!