March 15, 2012


The 10 Best Moments of SXSW: Day 2

Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage
Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage

With 2,000 bands, countless showcases and unending parties, every day at South by Southwest yields crazy moments both planned and otherwise. We've got the Day 2 Spotify Playlist ready to go, but here are our 10 favorite moments from Day 2 of music's biggest festival. 

1. Kanye West Returns: The text from a friend was short and to the point: "Walk to Belmont club. Kanye soon." In 2009, West performed a (not-at-all) surprise show at SXSW's Fader Fort. Last year, it was the VEVO Power Station. This year, the uber-rapper, along with Big Sean, dropped in on 2 Chainz' set at the SOBs 30th Anniversary Concert to perform verses from "Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay" and "Can't Tell Me Nothing" before quickly leaving the stage. It was a brief moment, but, for everyone in the club, a moment nonetheless. Check out video below (Vibe via Miss Info)  

2. Danny Brown's Fruit Fight: Midway through rapper Danny Brown's set at Fader Fort , someone launched a lemon at the stage, hitting Brown square on the head. Brown retaliated by asking the crowd who threw the rogue fruit—the Fort did not lack for snitches—and launched a water bottle back at the offender. "That was the first time someone threw something at me onstage," he told Fuse afterwards. "It was cool, though." 

3. Bizarre Juxtaposition 1: SXSW is all about strange musical pairings and accidental mash-ups. Walk down Sixth Street and that zydeco street band on your left will be in inadvertent harmony with the hip hop group on your right. It was still awesomely jarring, though, to hear 30 minutes of metal played as the house music before smooth reggae legend Jimmy Cliff hit the stage. Sweet.

4. Carson Daly Plays Drums: Wow. The dude can drum. Daly rushed the stage to hop on drums for San Fran garage rockers Thee Oh Sees' "Dead Energy" and punished the kit. We've got all the details here.

5. Hanni el Khatib's Colorful Instructions to the Soundman: Before starting his blistering set at the Innovation Leisure showcase, the singer/guitarist requested the sound guy to "Pretend you're in a cave, naked, having sex with a mermaid. That's how it should sound." Does this sound like mermaid cave sex?

6. Carson Daly Teaches the Children: Before introducing funk/soul singer Lee Fields & the Expressions at his showcase, Daly told the crowd, "All you young guns: this is how it's done." He was right.

7. Bizarre Juxtaposition 2: Two drunk friends arguing and almost coming to blows in front of me while Fields sang the crowd-uniting song "Love Comes and Goes."

8. Andrew W.K. Checking Out Bands: Sometimes it's easy to forget that most artists performing at SXSW are also just fans like us discovering memorable new music. Seeing Andrew W.K. just walking down the street, catching bands as a regular fan, was a pleasant reminder of this. 

9. Nature's Treasures Billboard: I have yet to go to Nature's Treasures, a "magical world of crystals, minerals, fossils and much more." But if your billboard advertisement, consisting of a woman sitting inside a giant piece of quartz with the tagline, "We rock!", is any indication of your personality, I will be there soon.

10. Wrestler-Approved Bacon-Themed Restaurants: A friend was eating lunch when WWE wrestler Mark Henry started talking to him and subsequently recommended Bacon, an Austin restaurant where nearly every item has its titular food. Music-related? Not really. But there is no weirder and more appropriately Austin moment than that. 

Are you down in Austin? What's been your favorite moment so far?